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Today's political climate is inspiring me to write. Much of that climate is caused by historical ignorance. Today, I try to right a little bit of that by reviewing the various documents published by seceding States illustrating their reasons for leaving the Union in the 1861:
The Real Reason for Secession of the Southern States
Posted 08/18/2017

I've been a bad author, and haven't been writing as much this year as I should. But that doesn't mean I haven't been writing at all. Here, for Patrons only, I present Chapter X of Shadows:
Shadows Chapter X: Flight
Posted 05/13/2017

I am more than disappointed in yesterday's election results:
The Election of Fear
Posted 11/09/2016

Sometimes, in my works, it becomes evident that my existential romantic side can be at odds with my logical physicist side. This poem is a grand example of what happens when an existential romanticism collides with physics.
Quantum Whole
Posted 7/11/2016

For Patrons only, Chapter IX of Shadows is now available. Become a patron to read the novel as it develops!
Shadows Chapter IX: An Old Friend
Posted 07/08/2016

Let's practice with an exponential expression.

Posted 06/20/2016

Romantic Poetry has always been dear to my heart. Herein, I analyze the role of imagination in it, and the views of three influential romantic poets concerning imagination:
The Imagination of the Romantic Poets
Posted 06/17/2016

More poetry for today. I wrote this one for my Cross Country coach back in my senior year of high school:
Posted 06/16/2016

A new reflective poem:
The Author's Pen
Posted 06/15/2016

How are your visualization skills?

Posted 06/15/2016

Pictures are your friend.

Posted 06/14/2016

How do you find roots of an imaginary number?

Posted 06/13/2016

Let's take another look at lightsabers.

Posted 06/09/2016

Logarithms and their properties really can make some problems easier.

Posted 06/07/2016

Can you relate energy to relativistic momentum?

Posted 06/06/2016

Can you find the derivative of the derivative of the derivative of the...

Posted 06/05/2016

Make sure you use the right integrand and limits of integration.

Posted 06/04/2016

Integrals are just backwards derivatives.

Posted 06/02/2016

Just graph it!

Posted 06/01/2016

New Artwork! Across the Salzach River lies the Old Town of Salzburg, overlayed with a three dimensional rendering of the Veil Nebula. In the sky above is a lightning storm striking out from a merger of the Crab Nebula and the nucleus of the Centaurus A galaxy.

Posted 05/31/2016


Posted 05/31/2016

How do you handle multiple equalities?

Posted 05/30/2016

Take your math to the Hospital. Let LíHŰpitalís Rule work for you.

Posted 05/27/2016

Which method works best for you?

Posted 05/26/2016

Subtraction of area is a commonly needed technique in geometry.

Posted 05/24/2016

Can you find the right line?

Posted 05/23/2016

When things don't bounce.

Posted 05/22/2016

Releasing pressure.

Posted 05/21/2016

Don't let the strange operator intimidate you.

Posted 05/20/2016

How far apart are they?

Posted 05/19/2016

Trust me, there's plenty of information in this one.

Posted 05/18/2016

How are you with vectors?

Posted 05/17/2016

I find this very attractive.

Posted 05/16/2016

Pew! Pew! Pew!

Posted 05/13/2016

Can you find the beat?

Posted 05/12/2016

What's the easiest way to do this?

Posted 05/11/2016

To make combinations easy, just remember to ask yourself a couple questions.

Posted 05/10/2016

Plan your math strategy carefully.

Posted 05/09/2016

Pick your strategy carfeully.

Posted 05/06/2016

My newest ebook, Daily Math Problems Quarter 1, is now available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Smashwords. Catch the links to all my ebooks here: Books
Posted 05/04/2016

Always falling, satellites are.

Posted 05/04/2016

Chapter 8 of Shadows is now available. Does our protagonist shake off his follower?
Shadows Chapter VIII: Followed
Posted 04/29/2016

What can you ignore?

Posted 04/29/2016

Our painter needs some help again.

Posted 04/28/2016

Can you solve it conceptually?

Posted 04/27/2016

A derivative on the left. An integral on the right. Can you solve it?

Posted 04/26/2016

Unit Conversion is important, but it doesn't have to be hard.

Posted 04/25/2016

Can you really find the sum if it goes on forever?

Posted 04/24/2016

Can you relate the logarthmic equation to its exponential equivalent?

Posted 04/23/2016

By request, I've expanded upon the designs for the Come and Take It shirts. Now you can show your support for Women's Rights and the 2nd Amendment at the same time:

Posted 04/22/2016

Remember: equidistant does not mean center.

Posted 04/21/2016

Exponential equations just take a bit of manipulation.

Posted 04/20/2016

John's making toast again!

Posted 04/19/2016

An easy one for today

Posted 04/18/2016

Don't be daunted by the sheer number of angles. You can do it!

Posted 04/16/2016

Show your support for women's rights by buying a shirt with one of these sassy designs. They come in many styles and colours.

Posted 04/15/2016

Ground control to Major Tom. Your floating between two asteroids.

Posted 04/15/2016

Stars are far.

Posted 04/14/2016

Resistance is... inevitable?

Posted 04/13/2016

Logarithms can help solve exponential equations

Posted 04/12/2016

I took a couple days off. Needed them. Can you prove the ratio of is the same?

Posted 04/11/2016

Today I seek opinions on transgender bathrooms.
Poll: Transgender Bathrooms.
Thanks. Posted 04/08/2016

Parallelepiped. Say it. Say it three times fast. Then find the volume.

Posted 04/08/2016

What's your opinion on requiring photo ID to vote?
Poll: Voter ID.
Thanks. Posted 04/07/2016

Today I seek opinions on refugees.
Poll: Refugees.
Thanks. Posted 04/06/2016

How simple can it be?

Posted 04/07/2016

Today I seek opinions on refugees.
Poll: Refugees.
Thanks. Posted 04/06/2016

Poll 6 tackles the sticky issue of abortion rights
Poll: Abortion Rights.
Thanks. Posted 04/05/2016

There are more ways to find a product than just the simple multiplication we learned in elementary school.

Posted 04/05/2016

Today's poll addresses censorship. Please head over and provide your opinon.
Poll: Vulgarity.
Thanks. Posted 04/04/2016

Help our painter figure out how much paint he needs to buy again.

Posted 04/04/2016

Please contribute your opinioon on today's poll concerning universal health care.
Poll: Universal Health Care.
Thanks. Posted 04/03/2016

A hexagonal number puzzle for our 90th Problem of the Day!

Posted 04/02/2016

Our third poll addresses income vs. political affiliation. Please head over and vote:
Poll: Income vs. Affiliation.
Thanks. Posted 04/02/2016

For my second poll, I'd like to get people's stances on the Right to Bear Arms. Please head over and vote:
Poll: Right to Bear Arms.
Thanks. Posted 04/01/2016

Integrate! Integrate!

Posted 04/01/2016

The proof is there! Just look to the skies!
Posted 04/01/2016

I'm starting a series of polls to collect information for some future articles. Please give your opinion on whether you support open or closed borders in my first poll:
Poll: Open or Closed Borders.
Thanks. Posted 03/31/2016

Composition requires careful attention to detail.

Posted 03/31/2016

Don't trust the figure.

Posted 03/30/2016

Don't go off on a tangent. Okay, maybe in this case...

Posted 03/29/2016

Rationalize First!

Posted 03/28/2016

How many eggs were there?

Posted 03/27/2016

Approximations help.

Posted 03/26/2016

Rings within rings within rings.

Posted 03/25/2016

Radicals are no fun. Exponents are better.

Posted 03/24/2016

Fractions, decimals, it's all the same

Posted 03/23/2016

Such a derivative problem.

Posted 03/22/2016

Wording is important.

Posted 03/21/2016

How hot is it?

Posted 03/19/2016

Is π really a constant?

Posted 03/18/2016

Let's go on a tangent.

Posted 03/17/2016

How much of the yard can the dog reach?

Posted 03/16/2016

Sometimes mathematical notation can be pretty ambiguous.

Posted 03/15/2016

Happy Pi Day! Let's do some Pi Notation for Pi Day.

Posted 03/14/2016

Let's see you wrap up this one.

Posted 03/12/2016

Yesterday's wasn't finished. And here's the math to prove it.

Posted 03/11/2016

So. Many. Triangles!

Posted 03/10/2016

A little calculus never hurt anyone.

Posted 03/09/2016

How much water does the bottle hold?

Posted 03/08/2016

Don't let Bob confuse you.

Posted 03/07/2016

Radial expansion can be treated as a linear thing.

Posted 03/06/2016

A circle is just an ellipse.

Posted 03/05/2016

Time for another tool I haven't yet discussed.

Posted 03/04/2016

Eliminate! Eliminate!

Posted 03/03/2016

One of these things is not like the others.

Posted 03/02/2016

Don't let the end-game of a problem blind you to its real meat.

Posted 03/01/2016

Keep your head, and exponents really aren't that bad.

Posted 02/29/2016

How much bigger?

Posted 02/28/2016

Help our painter again.

Posted 02/26/2016

Can you get to the root of the matter in today's problem?

Posted 02/25/2016

Just a little bit of counting helps to solve some problems.

Posted 02/24/2016

Four numbers make a cube in today's problem. Can you find the three not given?

Posted 02/23/2016

This enlightening problem has a thought experiment on causality at the end, so make sure you read the entire article!

Posted 02/22/2016

Sometimes plug and play is the easiest way.

Posted 02/20/2016

The next chapter of Shadows is finished, wherein our protagonist discovers an interstellar food court:
Shadows Chapter VII: Watched
Posted 02/19/2016

Can you find the shortest path?

Posted 02/19/2016

A puzzle for the 50th Problem of the Day!

Posted 02/18/2016

Stay in fractions when you can. It makes life easier.

Posted 02/17/2016

A new poem today, in the beat style, of innocence and youth lost, of fallen fortune.
Two Cities
See? The site hasn't entirely been taken over by math! Posted 02/16/2016

Exclusions are important.

Posted 02/16/2016

There's often more than one way to solve your problem!

Posted 02/15/2016

Don't let today's problem intimidate you. Break it down!

Posted 02/14/2016

How's your number familiarity?

Posted 02/13/2016

Why so serious?

Posted 02/12/2016

We're going exponential again today

Posted 02/11/2016

Can you find the middle? Added challenge at the end of the article.

Posted 02/10/2016

Make sure you don't waste time on today's problem! Trying to solve the entire equation will do just that.

Posted 02/09/2016

See if you can evaluate today's exponential expression!

Posted 02/08/2016

Sometimes it is useful to compare quantities with differing dimensions. Can you do so for today's problem?

Posted 02/07/2016

Today's problem is hot!

Posted 02/05/2016

Straight out of the SAT, can you solve today's problem with a little juggling?

Posted 02/04/2016

A response to a request on a mathematics group, this problem tests your knowledge of regular polygons.

Posted 02/03/2016

Today's problem isn't solved with geometry alone. It also needs your use of reason.

Posted 02/02/2016

Here's a number puzzle for today. Can you solve it?

Posted 02/01/2016

For a physical problem today, let's take a simplified look at sound.

Posted 01/31/2016

Cross multiplying can make a mountain out of a mole-hill. Don't do it.

Posted 01/30/2016

Remember that just because a problem doesn't look like something you've done before, doesn't mean you don't have the skills to do it.

Posted 01/29/2016

What is the radius of the leaky tank?

Posted 01/28/2016

Can you help our painter figure out how many buckets of paint he needs this time?

Posted 01/27/2016

Remember there's usually more than one way to do something? How far do Marco and Peter drive?
Math Made Easy: Problem of the Day 28
Posted 01/26/2016

Another Star Wars inspired problem for today. Can a single-photon lightsaber cut through metal like we see in the movies?
Math Made Easy: Problem of the Day 27
Posted 01/25/2016

Inspired by Star Wars the Force Awakens: How much more does this poor fellow weigh in today's problem?
Math Made Easy: Problem of the Day 26
Posted 01/24/2016

Today's problem is all about pattern recognition. Can you solve it?
Math Made Easy: Problem of the Day 25
Posted 01/23/2016

Sometimes the best way to solve a math problem is to just draw a picture (or diagram). How many rounds doest his tournament last?
Math Made Easy: Problem of the Day 24
Posted 01/22/2016

Even the best of us can fall into the math autopilot trap. Today's problem is a lesson in just that. Can you solve it in under a minute?
Math Made Easy: Problem of the Day 23
Posted 01/21/2016

Let's go digital today!
Math Made Easy: Problem of the Day 22
Posted 01/20/2016

Sometimes math problems can be solved with just your reason. What's the fastest way to solve today's?
Math Made Easy: Problem of the Day 21
Posted 01/19/2016

Today's problem is sequential. Can you solve it? As usual, no calculators! That's cheating!
Math Made Easy: Problem of the Day 20
Posted 01/18/2016

Don't let exponential terms scare you. Can you solve today's problem?
Math Made Easy: Problem of the Day 19
Posted 01/17/2016

Being able to figure out your price at the register is important. In America, they don't mark the sales tag with the price adjusted for tax. Can you do today's problem involving multiple sales and tax without a calculator?
Math Made Easy: Problem of the Day 18.
Posted 01/15/2016

Let's work with some trigonometry today. Can you evaluate today's problem without a calculator?
Math Made Easy: Problem of the Day 17.
Posted 01/14/2016

Our painter is back for today's problem. Can you help him figure out how much paint to buy?
Math Made Easy: Problem of the Day 16.
Posted 01/13/2016

Can you solve today's problem involving factorials and exponents?
Math Made Easy: Problem of the Day 15.
Posted 01/12/2016

A request for today. Inspired by Simon Pegg's tweet in memorium of David Bowie.
Math Made Easy: Problem of the Day 14. In Memorium: David Bowie
Posted 01/11/2016

Today's problem is all relative. Can you solve it?
Math Made Easy: Problem of the Day 13
Posted 01/10/2016

Recognize your domain restrictions. Can you solve today's problem?
Math Made Easy: Problem of the Day 12
Posted 01/09/2016

Don't let your math intimidate you! Can you solve today's problem? It's simpler than it looks!
Math Made Easy: Problem of the Day 11
Posted 01/08/2016

Let's get physical today. Can the kitty reach the branch?
Math Made Easy: Problem of the Day 10
Posted 01/07/2016

Time for some complex numbers. Can you solve this operation?
Math Made Easy: Problem of the Day 9
Posted 01/06/2016

A simplified probability problem today? In this Texas Hold 'Em situation, should you fold or call?
Math Made Easy: Problem of the Day 8
Posted 01/05/2016

Can you solve today's problem without any computation? Give it a try!
Math Made Easy: Problem of the Day 7
Posted 01/04/2016

We've got a Goldie Locks problem for today. Can you help the club promoter decide which lamp is the best?
Math Made Easy: Problem of the Day 6
Posted 01/03/2016

Time for a real world problem for our Problem of the Day. How much paint does the painter need? Posted 01/02/2016

Instead of a single problem for today, let's do a Treasure Hunt! Posted 01/01/2016

Let's keep today's problem short and sweet:

It's all about keeping it simple. Can you solve it without using logarithms? Posted 12/31/2015

Today's problem of the day was inspired by a physical situation I was attempting to resolve. It resulted in this fun looking fraction: Can you find its simplest form? Posted 12/30/2015

Let's do some algebra today. How many solutions does this equation have?

Can you find them all? Posted 12/29/2015

Sometimes, it's best to just do problems to demonstrate tips on how to make your math easier. So, to that end, I'm going to supplement my Math Made Easy series with a Problem of the Day. Here's the first one: . Can you do it in under 5 seconds? Posted 12/28/2015

I didn't think I should have to write an article like this, but I'm seeing too many supposedly intelligent people buying into this bs:Is Obama Muslim? (No!) Posted 12/13/2015

It's been a few months since I've completed a new piece of art, but today I give you the twin eyes of the Cheshire Cat galaxy group peering through a lost Welsh ruin on Mars. Posted 11/27/2015

Feeling political again today, so I discuss, in simple mathematics, how flat taxes really aren't all that fair: Flat Taxes: Not as Fair as They Sound Posted 11/25/2015

Today I'd like to discuss what the real reason for religion is: Religion: The Ultimate Tool Posted 11/18/2015

It's a weekend for math! Today we examine the four ways in which you can consistently physically transform any function in my article: Math Made Easy: Transformations of Functions Posted 11/08/2015

Today I bring you a new article in my Math Made Easy Series: Fractions Are Your Friends, and indeed, they are. Posted 11/07/2015

For Chapter 6 of Shadows is now available to read, for patrons only:Reciprocation. Our protagonist learns more of his new friends, and they of him. Make sure to head over to Patreon and pledge to support if you want to follow the story. As little as a dollar gets you in. Posted 10/31/2015

In my newest faerie tale, does the Giant learn his lesson? Posted 10/20/2015

Two Math Made Easy articles in two days! Today, Inverse, Reciprocal, Opposite Posted 10/11/2015

Here's a new Math Made Easy article on a topic I frequently address with my students: Math Made Easy: Word Problems in Seven Steps Posted 10/10/2015

I'm making some changes in the appearance of the site, and they may take some time for me to propogate them to all pages. Please bear with me during the process. Posted 10/10/2015

This article I wrote in the middle of the night, though it's been brewing for awhile. It will anger some people, but it really is something that needs to be said, a topic that needed to be examined int he way I did: Trigger Warnings Posted 09/26/2015

I present a new math article today. This time I discuss two methods for factoring, when you should use both, and how to make your factoring easier: Math Made Easy: Factoring Posted 09/25/2015

Chapter 5 of Shadows is now available to read, for patrons only:The Spread. Make sure to head over to Patreon and pledge to support if you want to follow the story. As little as a dollar gets you in. Posted 09/18/2015

A discussion expsoing the illusions of The Lie of the Free Market Posted 09/11/2015

I have so many articles in my head right now, I'm having trouble working on any one and getting it out. Here is a new one in my Math Made Easy series, this one on Polynomial Characteristics Posted 09/07/2015

In our fourth chapter of Shadows, our protagonist finds New Friends Posted 09/06/2015

And I present the third chapter of Shadows: A Beginning Posted 08/28/2015

Finally, the second chapter of Shadows is available. BUT! To continue the story, become a Patron. Posted 08/21/15

A piece of art this weekend. This time, I have rendered my poem Love Is Not Blind upon a background of bright beams of sunlight illuminating mountain valleys. Posted 08/16/2015

Because some people have asked: What I Want in a Government System. Posted 08/07/2015

One last article for the month of July! In this one, I tackle the issue of increasing wages, and approach it from a thermodynamic perspective. I explain how economic systems work like thermodynamic systems, and how this can help us to understand why low wages are not good for the majority of people: Why Increasing Lower Wages Works, from a Thermodynamic Perspective Posted 07/31/2015

Today I present a piece once again combining my art and poetry, this time one of my older poems, inspired by Tennessee Williams' the Glass Menagerie. Posted 07/18/2015

A lot of work coming out of me lately. Today, I respond to all the hubbub about the recently released papers on the approaching Maunder Minimum in sunspot activity: Physics for Everyone: Maunder Minimum: New Ice Age? (No) Posted 07/14/2015

Combining my art and my poetry, I present a piece simple and beautiful. Posted 07/13/2015

It's time for the next installment in my mathematics series: Math Made Easy: Why Do I Care About..? Posted 07/11/2015

This article's been coming for some time, and his been inspired by running into the same phenomenon in political debates against both sides of the spectrum: Redefinition of Words: Racism Posted 07/01/2015

It took me longer to do this than it did for Carrie, but it was something I need to do. Stripey: My Old Man and Old Friend Posted 06/28/2015

In celebration of the recent Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality, I have rendered Freddie Mercury in rainbow hues in his classic pose with arm raised triumphant against a background of spectral fireworks. Posted 06/27/2015

As promised, the second article in my new series. Math Made Easy: Multiplication Posted 06/14/2015

A new article (I know it's been awhile, but I think I'll be having more to come soon!), this time starting a new series on mathematics. Math Made Easy: Thoughts on the Common Core Posted 06/13/2015

I've been laid up with a broken clavicle and several broken ribs the last couple weeks, but I managed to finish a new piece of artwork today, the Star Eagle Ruins. Posted 05/25/15

For this week, I felt I needed to do a self portrait, so I did one over the famous Loreley of the German Rhein. Posted 04/27/15

I took a break last weekend, but this week we're back with Cosmic Rays (pun most definitely intended!). Posted 04/18/15

For this week, the Chateau de Chambord in France is found amidst a galactic background. Posted 04/07/15

A family of penguins gathers to show their love upon a cloud floating amidst a cosmic background, with other penguins swimming in attendance. Posted 03/30/15

The Newark Castle Ruin of Fife, Scotland stand starkly imposed upon a solar lightning storm! Posted 03/23/15

Eyes so piercing, lightning strikes! Posted 03/16/15

My first new piece since January: a hammerhead shark has been electrified in space! Posted 03/09/15

For this week's first piece of art, the city of Pittsburgh is now at the confluence of two rivers of stars. Posted 01/13/15

A productive week so far, I return to my Physics for Everyone series with a new article on Symmetry Posted 01/06/2015

In support of the Frederick News-Post and their First Amendment right to report on Kirby Delauter Posted 01/06/2015

Art two days in a row? Sure! Tonight, the city of Toronto has found its way into the Andromeda Galaxy, posted 01/05/2015:

Two Tule Elk from Tomales Point, California, have made their way to a far more alien locale in my latest piece, posted 01/04/2015:

The rock dwellings of GerŲme, Turkey, have become even more otherworldy today! Posted 12/29/2014

I get a little sidetracked from my usual material today with this editorial: The NFL: Corporate Teams, not Community Clubs Posted 12/28/2014

The Cats Eye Nebula has nothing on these ephemeral cat eyes! Posted 12/26/2014

The San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts has gone cosmic! Posted 12/24/2014

And for today, the Schloss Lichtenstein is illuminated by a red nova! Posted 12/19/2014

Two different pieces today - different versions of a similar scene. In one, the TransAmerica Pyramid in San Francisco has been transformed into an Industrial SpaceAmerica Pyramid, while in the other, we find a softer, brighter Soft SpaceAmerica Pyramid And remember, you can always get my artwork in on various items (tshirts, mugs, phone cases, shot glasses, blankets, and more) at my CafePress Store Posted 12/18/2014

The Scottish castle Eilean Donan has been misplaced into space (and in keeping with Christmastime, the Christmas Tree Nebula is part of the background) Posted 12/13/14

'tis the season, so in the spirit of Christmastime, a Weinachtspyramide with a spacey backdrop. Enjoy! Posted 12/10/14

Ghostly bats are flying through an explosive collision of the Carina and Owl Nebulae! Posted 12/09/14

Rosetta has found Krampus in space! Posted 12/05/14

St Louis has become cosmic! Posted 12/2/2014

I created a combination of The Bodiam Castle in East Sussex in Space Posted 11/25/14

I made a SpaceDragon! check him out, and my other Art Posted 11/21/14

For today's Art, a whale breeches the atmosphere to escape into space: Freedom Posted 11/17/14

Art! SpaceTube Posted 11/14/14

More new Art This time, 'tis Spacetopus Posted 11/09/14

A new, brief editorial, with video links, on one of the most momentous political events I had the privilege to experience, the Fall of the Berlin Wall Posted 11/09/14

I should have done this a bit ago, especially considering I've been doing a lot of art lately. But, I now have a single page where you can view my best art, and navigate to both my Etsy and Cafe Press shop for purchasing either prints or merchandise thereof (and any future shops once they're established). Make sure you check out the new Art page! Posted 11/08/14

And I have now opened an Etsy shop where you can order digital prints of some of my new artwork. Head on over and check it out. 4 prints available in multiple sizes, and more to come! Posted 09/08/14

Busy day today - did a couple new business card designs, which were up, as well as worked on a piece of artwork - I have four different versions of it posted in Posters. I may not leave them all up once I decide which I like the best, so check them out while you can. Posted 09/06/14

For a faerie tale site, I really need to finish more stories. Well, here's a new one for you! Took a lot of work to finish this one - the climax in the middle was like pulling teeth, but I finally got past it. My first story finished this year: The Writer Posted 08/31/14

Inspired by the first episode of 13th Doctor, I give you, Attack of the Attacky Attack Eyebrows! Posted 08/25/14

I decided that my Squirrel Rides a Snake Into the Sunset needed a LIGHTSABER and made it so. Posted 08/22/14

Just added a posters page to my Document Designs posted 08/18/14

A couple new business card designs up today, as well as a new site banner. New faerie tale coming, hopefully to be finished by the end of this coming weekend,

After a bit of a dry spell, a new article: Misuse of the English Language, Some Pet Peeves Posted 06/28/14

But there's actually a reason for that dry spell - I've been working on trying to start freelance document design - you can see some samples at the Document Design page

A short poem that's been brewing in my head for a couple weeks: Love Is Not Blind Posted 03/02/14

A poem on the frustrations of dealing with a long distance polyamourous relationship: Three Thousand Miles Away Posted 02/16/14

An early Valentine's Day poem for my love: Alycen Posted 02/09/14

The follow up to the last physics article: Physics for Everyone: How Global Warming Happens Posted 01/19/14

My latest physics article, on a topic of great import: Physics for Everyone: Why Global Warming is Scary Posted 01/03/14

Some old school common sense about cleanliness and your immune system: 13 Tips for a Healthy Immune System Posted 12/30/13

Article 4 in the Physics for Everyone series: Physics for Everyone: Radiation Posted 12/30/13

In response to the horrid Affluenza sentencing: The Travesty and Classism of the Affluenza Ruling Posted 12/14/13

This year's Christmas article: The Adventskalender Posted 12/11/13

Why I haven't finished anything for the last fortnight. Warning, there may be tears: Carrie: My Little Girl Posted 11/16/2013

Number 3 of the Physics for Everyone series: Physics for Everyone: How Light Travels Posted 10/12/2013

At this rate, I'll likely create a new menu item just for this article series

And now for the second of the Physics for Everyone articles: Physics for Everyone: The Nature of Light Posted 09/25/2013

A new poem for my Love, my Alycen, on her birthday: And Once I Loved Posted 09/11/2013

The first in a new planned series of editorials on basic concepts of physics, written for everyone: Physics for Everyone: Dimension Posted 08/24/2013

A new editorial, brought on by the latest round of rape awareness in the media: Consent - It's Not about Gender Posted 03/23/2013

I've been working on a big project lately that's sucking my attention away from faerie tales, but here's a response to a selection from Marie Boas Hall's book The Scientific Renaissance (pgs 17-49) Posted 02/23/2013

Another brief review/response: In Response to Edgar Zilsel's article "The Genesis of the Concept of Scientific Progress" Posted 01/18/2013

A brief review of (or more appriopriately response to In Response to John Gasciogne's article "A Reappraisal of the Role of the Universities in the Scientific Evolution" Posted 01/04/13

More of a blog entry than an editorial: 2012 Didn't Suck Posted 01/04/13

An editorial in response to non-oppressed people trying to turn themselves into martyrs, especially around Christmas: No, Johnny, There is No War on Christmas Posted 12/21/12

This Editorial has been brewing for sometime: Reason: A Summary of My Political Stances Posted 11/02/12

Story: Spera This one I'm considering novelizing - there are certainly a lot of questions left unanswered by it (to which I do have the answers). Posted 09/23/12

Comments! I have them! You can now comment on your favorite stories, poems, reviews, and editorials! Please do! But keep it classy, please. You can find the comments box on the bottom of every page (except the menu pages, but including the front page). 09/21/12

Do please forgive the long hiatus. I had some problems with the webhost and domain name. Needless to say, I have terminated my business relationship with my prior webhost and have found a new one. Unfortunately, this necessitated a new domain name. 09/12/12

New Story! The White Cloak Posted 09/12/12

Thank you, Stanton McCandlish, for your sage advice

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